During this five year period from 2010 to 2015 Thewphaingarm School will focus on reaching the full strengths of our Smart Teens through MET (Multiple Intelligences + English + Technology).

Thewphaingarm School & ASEAN Community In 2015 Thailand will become part of the ASEAN Community which will play an increasing role in all our lives. Therefore, Thewphaingarm School has implemented a management model called “SMART” which gives teachers and students a strong foundation in MET (Multiple Intelligences, English & Technology) to be used in preparing Thewphaingarm students to be ready to advance confidently into the ASEAN Community. Teachers have developed teaching and learning processes to create quality students that are smart in intellect, body and mind and capable of taking their places in the ASEAN Community with a strong belief in their own ability.
Thewphaingarm School realises the importance of organisation of education to create young people of quality according to the Smart Brain, Smart Body and Smart Mind strategy which is used as an approach to not only create quality young people but also develop the process of Organisation of Learning so that parents, students and graduates receive quality education from the school.
Thewphaingarm School has developed and put into practice learning management through the innovative Triple Track whereby teachers and personnel have a realisation of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, English language and technology as a medium for organising learning to give students excitement and enjoyment from learning the curriculum. This includes too the upgrading of classrooms to Smart Classrooms and renovation of science laboratories as well as the compilation of a data base of teacher knowledge (TSIS Center). Through the use of “Moodle”, which is a technology system based on LMS and CMS to help students learning online or “e-learning” more effectively. Apart from this, Thewphaingarm School has created a favourable learning environment for the creation of a quality young person along the lines of Smart Brain, Smart Body and Smart Mind strategy.
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