Thewphaingarm School Alumni Association


Thewphaingarm School Alumni Association was founded on 25th May 2009.


To build relationships and understanding among members, students, parent, teachers and others.

  • To support education management.
  • To support Thewphaingarm school’s activities.
  • To support Thewphaingarm school’s reputation and members.
  • To support public use.

Administrative Committees

  1. Mr. Noraphat Leetheerachot - President
  2. Ms. Khwankamol Kijprasarn - Vice President
  3. Ms. EK – on Tulyasuwan - Secretary
  4. Ms. Sojitra onjan - Financer
  5. Mr. Thanarat onjan - Register
  6. Ms. Sasiri Bunyaratanaphan - Public Relation Creator
  7. Mr. Worachot Chamathat - Public Relation Activitor

Mr. Noraphat Leetheerachot - President


  • Rally Activity

On 7th - 8th November 2009 Thewphaingarm School Alumni Association had set “Chao Thew Kheaw - Khaow Relationship Rally activity” on the way to Bangkok - Pranburi Road. There were 300 participants alumni, parents, and teachers, who joined in the activity at Bacchus Home Resort Pranburi District Prachuabkiri Khan Province. Everyone was happy to participate in the activity together and the atmosphere was warm, harmonious and joyful. This impressive activity would inspire Thewphaingarm School Alumni Association to conduct similar activities in the future.

  • Thew Home Coming Day

On 7th March 2009 Thewphaingarm School Alumni Association set up the “Thew Home Coming Day ” Coming back to School, alumni met together and paid their respects gratefully to the teachers. There were a lot of alumni who came to join in the activity in Thewphaingarm School.


Thewphaingarm School Alumni Association
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Bangplad District Bangkok 10700.

Tel : 0-2424-6225.
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