Student Committees

Student Committee 2015

Kridtin  Sangkom 

Student President

Nuntanat  Karomprach 

Student President

Nuttapat  Suwattananon 

Student President

Nichamon Krairittichai 

Student President

Netinai  Chusakul 

Student Vice President

Sitawee  Limvilai 

Student Vice President

Prin  Songakkharaphattra

Student Vice President

Thita  Wongwan 

Student Vice President

Waewnapas  Suthinanthasook  


Rattiyakorn  Boonkumchoo 


Warisara  Liwviriyakul 

Administration and Finance

Thachaya  Kumchan

Administration and Finance

Kanarin  Homsap

Projects and Planning

Ekkawit Wang

Projects and Planning

Kachain Khaosuwan

Activities Coordinator

Chatchanee  Legcharern        

Activities Coordinator

Yada VanRoosmalen

Public Relations

Jinnipa  Watcharapong  

Public Relations

Chawanwit  Sriprasom  

Site management

Worawut  Manomaithamrongkul   

Site management

Sujan  Sae-jao 


Thanawit  Sagulthang 


Students’ committee objectives:

1. To create correct standards for the student committee of Thewphaingarm School and for students in the future.
2. To have involvement in the activities of Thewphaingarm School throughout the academic year.
3. To give students a volunteer spirit, ability to work in groups, confidence in expression, and creativity in work practices.

1. Carry out activities that are in line with the major strands of learning according to the vision of Thewphaingarm School.
2. Activities and work come from integration of the policies with other parties.
3. Promote the students committee and students in general at Thewphaingarm School to follow the vision of Thewphaingarm School.

Student Committee Activities, 2015

The Student Committee for the 2015 academic year creates various activities that encourage students to love, live in harmony, maintain relationships, and preserve the environment. The eight activities are as follows:

1.  Special Advisor

Special Advisor is the activity for advising high school students about the importance of higher education and continuing to study after secondary school. Topics discussed will include choosing the right university, preparations of entrance exams, and knowing how to prepare for interviews.

2. Pinky Melody

This activity gives an opportunity for students who have musical talents to express themselves. They can show their abilities, gain confidence in themselves, and share their ideas with each other at the Pink Garden.

3. Thew Street Basketball 2015

The Student Committee will create a Basketball Tournament inside the school to encourage athletic skills and enhance student relationships. If you want to improve sportsmanship, join us!

4. Thew Football League 2015

The Student Committee will create a Football Tournament/League inside the school to encourage skills related to football. The purpose of the league is for students to discuss football topics and improve health..

5. Sports Play

The Student Committee will create a designated time for students to express themselves through non-conventional sports. The students can play a sport of their choosing in their free time by borrowing sporting equipment.

6. Sport Day Plus (+)

This is an extra activity created in Children’s Day 2015. The focus of this activity will be creativity. The students are encouraged to use their imagination and to create something special.

7. The Day Shop

The students are given the opportunity to sell goods which they research and produce themselves. At the same time, they can measure the interest generated by their study. This activity will coincide with The Day of Discovery.

8. Waste Segregation Activity     

This is an on-going activity which was very successful last year. The Student Committee plans to develop a more efficient way of recycling, separating, and disposing of rubbish.