Objective & Policy

Objectives & Policy

Thewphaingarm School aims at building a modern learning environment through the development of a professional collaborative organization. The school seeks to mould its students into adults who have:

·         A smartness of body, mind, and heart

·         Great pride in the Thai identity, whilst being fully equipped members of the international community

·         Excellent communication skills in both Thai and English

·         An ability to formulate creative thoughts guided by principled morality

·         A capacity to utilize all knowledge learnt and acquired in their everyday lives

·         Personal, reasoned views and opinions

·         A knowledge and awareness of and an aptitude for modern technologies and technological developments

The School Objectives

1. To develop staff and students capabilities with regards to Information and Communication Technology.
2. To Develop an administration and environment that best favours a learning centered atmosphere.
3. To enhance the existing relationship and develop new relationships between the school and the community.
4. To develop an efficient and effective administration system leading to qualification for international standards.
5. To ensure that all students meet national education standards.
6. To recognize develop and promote students’ individual talents.



The School Policy

1. Develop an administration focused on the international community.
2. Enhance and support lifelong personal and professional development amongst students, teachers, parents, and the community.
3. Develop teachers’ and students’ culture of thinking using Multiple Intelligences Theory.
4. Enhance and support the use of Information and Communication Technology for teaching, learning, and administering the school using the Electronic Thewphaingarm School (ETS) system.
5. Mould qualified Smart Teens for the community using the Matrix Nurturing System.