Teachers' Development

 Thewphaingarm School In School : TSIS

1.  Rationale

One of the policies of Thewphaingarm School is the involvement of teachers in the Culture of Thinking under the SMART model through the use of multiple intelligence activities. To promote this policy, Thewphaingarm School organizes learning activities in order to increase the knowledge and experience of the teachers and school personnel, in order to enhance the process of knowledge management and for continual self-development in the disciplines of MET. Resulting from this is the gaining of knowledge integrated with innovative models of teaching theory and the sharing of knowledge which arises from learning (Smart Teen Innovation). Teacher development is linked to the way of life and the problems faced in the local environment of Thailand and transferred to students through meaningful and innovative activities.

2. Objective

    To create a “Learning Organization” in Thewphaingarm School

3.    Goals

    3.1 Teachers demonstrate discipline and behavior according to the SMART model with integrity and ethics (based on Core Competency and The Fifth Discipline of Peter M.Senge).
    3.2 Teachers are able to use SMART methods to produce work based on Multiple Intelligences.
    3.3 Teachers are able to use SMART methods to produce work in English Language.
    3.4 Teachers are able to use SMART methods to carry out work in Technology.
    3.5 There is an efficient knowledge bank or TSIS Center in school (TSIS Center is the bank of learning information gained from the process of Knowledge Management through Moodle or LMS & CMS)

4. Learning activities coupled with working

        4.1 Administrator Friendly Thew is an activity in which each administrator has responsibility for encouragement and support in the development of teachers/personnel quality in MET to achieve the goals in 3.1-3.5  
         4.2 Multiple Intelligences Learning is an activity where teachers are given a chance to observe and study the learning proficiency of individual students during “learning mixed with play”. Teachers learn by observing students’ aptitude in the 8 intelligences on a weekly basis and then making contingency plans to best serve the needs of each student so they can meet their potential in the 8 Multiple Intelligences.
         4.3 Foreign Teachers Friendly Thew is an activity where one foreign teacher holds a class with a group of 3-5 Thai teachers to practice daily-life English speaking skills. The class is about 60 minutes each week.

                 4.4 Technology workshop is a workshop that provides a chance for teachers and school personnel to receive training on using computer programs. Teachers are helped when problems with technology occur e.g. training on PowerPoint, using e-mail, using LMS & CMS and Moodle for learning data and e-learning organization etc.

4.5 360 Degree Teacher Quality Development is an activity in which teachers’ performance in MET is evaluated by qualified teachers who are selected from the following four departments: a. administrators b. head of subject/work group  c. acquaintances of teachers d. parents, students and other qualified people.
In the organization of teacher and personnel resources, according to their value to the school, the criteria used for evaluation include qualitative performance (vertical – teachers display discipline and behavior according to the SMART model with integrity and ethics), and quantitative performance (horizontal – teachers ability to use the SMART model to create results and outcomes that are based on Multiple Intelligences, English Languages and Technology)



                  4.6 Look Back Look Forwards (SMART Promises) is an activity in which teachers and school personnel evaluate their work over the past year using brain-storming of problems and obstacles, weighing up weak and strong points in order to improve performance based on a sufficiency policy, and assessing the image of students in relation to the smart mind, smart body and smart brain policy.

                 4.7 Teacher Morale - Boosting is an activity that uses Public Relations to publish information about teachers or personnel who have a high level of “performance quality” and teachers who have created work which is deemed as of an excellent standard by people concerned with the school. Such works are displayed in “Smart Teacher” at www.thewphaingarm.com.            
         4.8 Foreign Teachers’ Training is an activity whereby the school invites highly qualified academics to train and advise foreign teachers at Thewphaingarm in skills for effectively teaching the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in order to reach the targets of TSEP (Thewphaingarm School English Program) and EFF (English For the Future).