The School's Crest, Philosophy, Vision

    1. The letter “N” and “U” are abbreviated from the names of the founders of Thewphaingarm School.
      1. N = Narong Thewphaingarm
      2. U = U-Sa (Usa) Thewphaingarm
    2. The Thai letters “” , ”” and ”” are abbreviated from “ทิวไผ่งาม
    3. The date of the founding of the school
      1. ก.ย. ๒๕๑๘ (September, 1975)
    4. The full name of the school in Thai.
    5. The stem and branches of the bamboo symbolizing the peace and shade embracing the lives of all at Thewphaingarm School.

  1. The School Colours


    Green is the colour of plants and trees. Green leaves provide fresh air and a beautiful landscape for people living nearby or simply passing through. Thewphaingarm School students are like these trees and plants, growing up and blossoming to become citizens of great worth to the nation as green leaves benefit mankind.


    White is the colour most recognized as symbolic of the qualities of purity and brightness. These are fundamental qualities that Thewphaingarm School nurtures and develops in all of its students


    The  School  Philosophy



    Knowledge – or education – is a  tool  for  reducing  the  gaps  and  differences  that  exist  in  terms  of  economy, social  status, nationality  and  religion.  Knowledge  is  the  most  important  factor  in  providing  an  equal  opportunity  for  s uccess.

    The  School  Vision

    • First-class Academy
    • Modern Technology
    • Leader in Language
    • Eminence in Sport
    • Systematic Thinking
    • Principled Morality