Good Mind Good Health

        The Good Mind Good Health project acts to promote and encourage students to be physically and mentally healthy. Numerous activities are incorporated in promoting goodhealth.

Format of activities for the Good Mind Good Health Project

Tiny Tots level Brainy Thew or Kindergarten 1 – 3 (2-6 years old)

        1. Thai children are cheerful and exercise together

        2. Vegetable and fruit party

        3. Cheerful smiles show Thew students have good teeth

Primary level 1 – Secondary level 6

        1. Activity for a cheerful mind in a strong body

        2. Activity “อ.ย.น้อย ”

        3. Campaign against drugs and HIV. The school realizes the danger of drugs, which nowadays have many forms, and so has organized various activities such as giving advice, arranging exhibitions and displays to show the perils of illegal drug usage, and also including monitoring and surveillance to make sure drugs do not spread in our school.

        4. Activity: School Clinic provides health care for Thewphaingarm School with regular health checks by experts, doctors, and nurses from hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital, Thonburi hospital, Chao Phraya Hospital and Yanhee Hospital.

                4.1 Vaccination from Bang Plad Sanitation Institute to prevent the following diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, German measles, mumps, and including the eradication of striped mosquitoes.

                4.2 Examination of mental health by psychiatrist or psychologists.

                4.3 Activity to measure the students’ physical capacity with the aim of providing the results to students parents so that they may monitor and take necessary care to ensure students are healthy and strong, and developing properly according to their age. Also included are activities to promote complete physical health among students.

                4.4 Blood donation