Academic Excellence Project

Academic Excellence Project

The Academic Excellence Project aims to promote and support the potential of students in attaining excellence in the 5 main core subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Thai Language and Foreign Languages including encouraging students to take part in academic competitions held by reputable agencies.

Format of activities in the Academic Excellence Project

1. Activity for cramming for examinations, and organizing competitions on learning content for Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Thai Language and Foreign Language subjects at classroom level

2. Organisation of competitions in speaking/writing skills/communication in Thai and English languages for each level held every 1 – 2 months within the school

3. Activities to develop potential in mathematics through “Quick Thinking Maths” and A-Math

4. Period 8 activities from 15:30 to 16:30

5. Testing of the students’ knowledge through the following test centers for students in both the Thai Program and TSEP

5.1 TOP TEST Institute for Primary 3 to Secondary 6

5.2 สหพันธ์ ฯ Institute for Primary 3 to Secondary 6

5.3 ชมรมบันฑิตแนะแนว for Primary 2 to 6 and Secondary 3 and 6

5.4 IQ Center Institute for Primary 5 and Secondary 2, 3 and 6

5.5 Exam preparation activity for IELTS CU-AAT MUIC SAT ฯลฯ

The Administrative Director of Thewphaingarm School, Khun Narong Thewphaingarm shows his pleasure with students of TSEP who came first in a national TOP TEST English exam. with the trophies and scholarships they won from TOP TEST 2211

School Advisor, Nahathai Thewphaingarm, shows her appreciation with Secondary Grade 6 student Ms. Nawarat Tantisiriwat who achieved the highest marks in Smart-One national exam in 2007 and received a full scholarship up until finishing a Masters Degree from the Business Administration Sector, Faculty of Commerce and Accounting, Thammasat University. In the academic year 2012, Ms.Nawarat Tantisiriwat is studying for her Master’s Degree in Business Administration in the Faculty of Commerce and Accounting at Thammasat University.

Thewphaingarm School Director, Narong Thewphaingarm, and members of administration 
show their pleasure with Primary and Secondary students from the Thai Program and TSEP who gained first places in English at national level and first places in Social Studies and Mathematics at Bangkok level in this year’s TOP TEST receiving trophies, certificates and scholarship funds.