One Teen One Talent

        One Teen One Talent focuses on the promotion and support of students who gain success in creative practices. The program promotes expression in the fields of cleverness in language communication, cleverness in logic and reason, dimensions of imagination, cleverness in music and rhythm, cleverness in relationships and understanding others, cleverness in understanding one’s self, and cleverness in knowing nature and the environment around us. All students are guided to join in with special activities organized according to the school calendar.  Students are provided with support and assistance to promote involvement in One Teen One Talent Activities at the school.


Format of activities in the One Teen One Talent Project

Tiny Tots level Brainy Thew or Kindergarden 1 – 3 (2 – 6 of age)

1. Little Painters Activity

2. Art Activity

3. Taekwando Club

Primary 1 to Secondary 6 levels

1. Music in the Garden Activity – School Orchestra

2. Art Club

3. Football, Basketball and Tennis Clubs

4. Outside-sports Club

5. Cup-stacking Club

6. Fish Tank Contest

7. Taekwondo Club

8. Thew TV Presenter activity or School Festivals

9. Photography Club