Thew's Idol

This project aims to train students to have good habits, responsibility, good manners, understand Thai culture and about being Thai, have a volunteer spirit, to preserve national resources and the environment, and to give rewards to good students who are role models for other students in the school.

Format of activities for Thew’s Idol
Tiny Tots level “Brainy Thew” or Kindergarden 1 – 3 (2 to 6 years of age)

1. Clean classrooms free of dirt

2. Tiny Tots save electricity

3. Little ants line up for class

4. Return lost things

5. Green classroom

6. Enhance concentration
7. Wai with our own hands

Primary 1 to Secondary 6 levels

1. Conservation of energy activity

2. Clean classrooms free of dirt

3. Dress properly, have good discipline and avoid being late

4. Savings activity

5. Protect indigenous Thai localities activity

6. Thai charm activity

7. Morning meditation and afternoon prayer activity

8. Green Classroom activity

9. Volunteer librarian

10. Student inspector

11. Lost things returned

12. Kindness between students

13. White School activity for the protection and development of the environment and the maintenance of public property as follows:

13.1 Separation of rubbish in the school

13.2 Big Cleaning Day

13.3 Eradication of mosquitoes and cockroaches


Parents of


1. The Model Family Award is given by the school to a family that has love, warmth, togetherness, mutual responsibility and that takes care of each other, as well as regularly taking part in school activities to show the importance of the family in molding students to be good students. In 2011, the following families received this award: