Thewphaingarm School accepts boarding students on the common syllabus and the TSEP syllabus from Kindergarten grade 2 until Secondary grade 6 with the school providing a resident teacher to look after students in groups of 15 – 25 students and guide them to learn SMART life skills. Thewphaingarm School realizes the value and importance of correct management to produce quality boarding students with details as follows: 

1. Boarding students have SMART practices and expression in the collective creation of an image of a young person of quality, able in mind, body, and intellect.

2. Students develop the ability to learn through Triple Track under the strength of MET policy.

2.1 Students make progress in the subjects of Mathematics and Science in order to use the knowledge as a basis for thinking and problem solving.

2.2 Students are able to utilise their own specific talents in the creation of valuable life skills through Multi-Intelligences (MI)

2.3 Students are able to use English fluently in communication and build good interrelationships.

2.4 Students are able to use technology in learning and conduct research in an efficient manner.