Think Say Do "Smart"

Thewphaingarm School promotes and supports the teaching of the 8 intelligences according to each student’s own unique potential, by adherence to Culture of Thinking principles in the guise of Think, Say and Do “SMART” in the creation of the Smart Teen Image: Smart Mind, Smart Body and Smart Brain, creating valuable and recognized learning.

Think “SMART”

Solving problems wisely: living at home is one thing while living as a boarding student is quite another thing altogether – almost like two sides of a coin. For everything that happens in life, my parents taught me to be tolerant (T) through reflectiveness and open mindedness so as to make the best of the “two sides of a coin” situation.

Our idea was to make a proposal for the planting of mangrove trees in dilapidated coastal areas for a conservation competition held by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. We want to be part of a Thai society that is involved in the restoration of mangrove forests as protection against climate change, as well as for the conservation of animals that dwell in coastal mangrove forest habitats.


As we began to formulate our ideas for this project, we soon learnt of the need to be “well mannered, confident and dignified in self expression ” in order to combined efforts (S) with our fellow boarding students and to create in them an enthusiasm and fluency (A) to approach the project in the competition.

Do “ SMART ”

We wrote the model for the project in the 9:30pm to 10:30pm interval, after we had finished our home work, by collecting the ideas from all the male boarding students to get the type of activities we needed. Our regular boarding school teachers would give us encouragement to research (R) and troubleshoot the project regularly, giving us extra confidence in writing our project (M) for the planting of mangrove trees. Problems that arose while we were writing the project were not considered as obstacles as the team had patience (T) in considering the different opinions of others and through showing respect to each other for their opinions. So, when the day arrived when the Metropolitan Electricity Authority announced that we were one of 30 teams to win an award, we, the boarding students’ team, felt the true value and meaning of the words “giving apologies, showing kindness, gratitude and thankfulness” and since that day the team has endeavored to apply these words regularly to all walks of life because the flag of success is waiting to be embroidered by thinking, saying, and doing things smartly  on the 8th of September 2012 when we go to begin planting trees on the coast.

The boarding student join in Think , Say and DoSMART