Core Curriculum

The Smart Teen Innovation uses the models of Brain-Based Learning, Piaget's Theory of Intellectual Development and Bloom & Torrance’s Taxonomy taking into account the differences in the learning of students by the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Thewphaingarm students receive intellectual development from the ages of 6 to 18 (Primary 1 to Mathayom 6) and are encouraged and supported by the learning process Triple Track to express the following practices.


The Desired Characteristic ;

1. Love the nation, religion and the King

2. Have honesty and integrity

3. Have discipline

4. Eager to learn

5. Live self-sufficiently

6. Love being Thai

7. Commitment to work

8. Public spiritedness

9. Love to read

Activities promoting eagerness to learn and loving Thainess

The Learning Outcomes of Triple Track

1. Know how to use Thai and English languages in communication and in building good relationships

2. Know how to realize one’s specific talents in the creation of valuable life skills

3. Know how to use the media and technology in learning and present achievements and innovations effectively

4 Know how to carry out research and the development of skills in critical thinking and

creative problem solving