Mini English Program

    Mini English Program program in which students study with foreign teachers in designated language classrooms. Students receive 1 hour per day with a native teacher to learn English language skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.


    Mini English Program is a response to the parents’ question - “Why can Thai students not use English well?” This is because of the lack of opportunity to use English daily and the lack of time to study English.

Teaching Processes
    Mini English Program students have the opportunity to study 1 hour each day and practice the 4 skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. This will make them more confident with English language. A Thai English grammar Teacher also explains the grammar points.

from left to right   Ms.Natnicha Phintuyothin, Ms.Micola Read , Mr.Cade Sommerville
Mr.Steven Todd , Mr.Jonas Godson , Mr.Daniel Daniels , Mr.Matt Allsopp
Mr.Alan Bird , Mr. John Simons

Objectives and purpose
Mini English Program
is an English program set up in response to the needs of parents who realize the problems Thai students face in learning the English language due to lack of usage of English in real-life situations combined with too few allotted timetabled hours for the study of English. It gives students the necessary confidence, competence and ability in English that is essential for higher study both within the country and abroad.

Models of Learning in Mini English Program

    Students from Primary 1 to Mathayom 6 who participate in the Mini English Program program have an opportunity to learn English everyday for one period with a native English speaker teaching according to the core curriculum. Through learning with a native English speaker, students are able to focus on language skills training in all aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing and including skills in communication to give students confidence in using English and to foster a positive attitude towards the English language. Extra tuition in grammar is given by Thai teachers in order for students to use English correctly and fluently, which is the main goal of the Mini English Program.